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            SZ10-NB- IoT (NEMA) street light controller

            Product Description
            SZ10-NB- IoT (NEMA) street light controller
            SZ10-NB-IoT (NEMA) street light controller 

            First, product introduction

            The SZ10-NB-IoT street light controller complies with the LTE-standard NB-IoT narrowband communication standard. The NB-IoT focuses on the low-power wide-coverage (LPWA) Internet of Things (IoT) market and is an emerging global application. technology. It has the characteristics of wide coverage, many connections, low speed, low cost, low power consumption and excellent architecture. The NB-IoT uses the license band and can adopt three deployment modes: in-band, guard band, or independent carrier to coexist with the existing network.

            The SZ10-NB-IoT street light controller contains current and voltage metering circuit. It can collect the load working condition of the street light controller in real time, greatly reduce the working pressure of the street lamp management department, improve work efficiency, and significantly improve the social energy saving efficiency.

            Second, product performance

            Safety based overload protection design;

            With current, voltage, power, frequency, temperature detection and other functions;

            1-way switch and 0~10V or PWM dimming signal output function;

            With overcurrent protection, lamp status detection, default lighting and other functions;

            Easy to install, it can respond to commands sent by the center in a few seconds;

            It is suitable for switching and dimming of LED lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps and other lamps.

            Third, the product parameters

            Supply voltage


            Frequency band

            LTE NB-IoT B3/B5/B8/B26

            Output rated current

            2A Max

            Transmit power


            Dimming type




            Product output

            Single phase alternating current

            USIM interface

            1.8/3.0V,Support for SIM and USIM

            Data collection


            Antenna gain




            Antenna standing wave


            Protection level


            Antenna type