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            SZ11-02-NB DTU/RTU

            Product Description

            SZ11-02-NB DTU
            SZ11-02-NB DTU


            First, product introduction


            The SZ11-02-NB DTU data transmission device is a wireless terminal device specially designed to convert serial port data into IP data, or convert IP data into serial port data and transmit it through a wireless communication network. Shunzhou Intelligent SZ11-02-NB DTU adopts industrial-grade embedded processor and embedded UDP protocol stack to provide users with fully transparent data transmission and reception, high-speed stable and reliable connection, and data terminals always online. This product adopts the industry standard interface and adopts the NB-IOT network provided by the operator. The signal has good delay, low coverage, wide support, many connections, simple configuration, and can realize the conversion of serial data to IP data conveniently and quickly. The need for data transmission has gradually become an ideal solution for M2M applications. At present, Shunzhou's NB-IOT products have been piloted and stabilized in many regions of the country.


            Second, the performance characteristics:


            (1) Support serial port command configuration; (2) Ultra-high receiving sensitivity;

            (3) Support mobile and Unicom base station communication; (4) Support telecommunication base station communication;

            (5) Support 100% transparent transmission of user data; (6) Support fixed IP connection to data center;

            (7) Support sending a custom registration packet on the UDP link; (8) Supporting sending a custom heartbeat packet on the UDP link;

            (9) All industrial grade devices, embedded watchdog design, to meet the needs of harsh working environment and demanding equipment space.


            Third, the product model





            Product Series

            Product form

            wireless technology

            Data interface





            For example: model SZ11-02-NB-485, indicating SZ11 series, finished NB-IOT equipment, 485 interface

            Fourth, product parameters

            working frequency

            LTE B3/B5/B8/B26

            Transmission rate

            Uplink rate: up to 200Kbps Downstream rate: up to 200Kbps

            Transmit power


            Receiving sensitivity


            Serial port type


            Serial port baud rate

            1200-115200 (standard baud rate)

            Operating Voltage




            Peak current

            Less than 300MA

            Antenna interface


            Special Instructions

            The housing is not sealed. If you need to be waterproof, etc., please contact sales communication.

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