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            SZ11-GW-3 JuHe Gateway

            Product Description

            SZ11-GW-3 JuHe Gateway

            SZ11-GW-3 JuHe Gateway

            First, product introduction


            The SZ11-GW-3 Gathering Gateway is an IoT wireless communication gateway that uses the public network wireless network + small wireless network to provide users with the function of eliminating field wiring and wireless long-distance data transmission.

            The product uses a high-performance industrial-grade 32-bit processor and an industrial-grade wireless communication module. It also provides one serial port (RS232/RS485), four Ethernet LAN ports, one Ethernet WAN port, and supports WIFI as an AP. /Repeater/STA, so you can connect serial devices, Ethernet devices and WIFI devices at the same time, which is a perfect platform for IoT applications. It can be widely used in self-service terminal industry, smart grid, intelligent transportation, supply chain automation, industry. Automation, intelligent building, fire protection, environmental protection, smart medical, intelligent lighting, intelligent agriculture and coal, oil and other occasions.


            Second, product performance

            Super communication function

            Uplink support WIFI, 4G, network port access to the Internet, multi-network simultaneous online, downlink reservation optional multiple wireless communication, ZIGBEE, LoRa, Bluetooth, etc.

            Efficient data collection

            The industrial-grade high-speed 4G wireless communication module is used to configure a 32-bit high-performance processor, and the front-end acquisition information transmission is more real-time and higher-speed

            WiFi function mode

            Support AP, STA, Repeater multiple modes

            Stable data transmission

            The wired network cables are backed up to each other, and the multi-network intelligent switching backups, the data is disconnected from the network, and the data is not lost

            Network compatibility

            Stable full Netcom speed experience, fully compatible with Telecom, Mobile, China Unicom's 2G, 3G, 4G network

            Easy to operate

            Proactively polling MODBUS devices, eliminating the need to input cumbersome SCADA Modbus commands

            Rich interface

            4-channel WAN port, 232 serial port, 485 serial port, USB and 4-channel AD/IO interface

            Rich agreement

            Support transparent transmission, MODBUS RTU to TCP, MQTT

            Third, the product parameters




            working frequency

            FDDLTE:B1/B3  TDDLTE:B38/B39/B40/B41

            TDSCDMA:B34/B39  CDMA2000 1x/EVDO:BC0


            Transmit power

            FDD LTE:23±2dbmTDD LTE:23±2dbm

            TDSCDMA:24+1/-3dbmGSM 900Mhz:33±2dbm

            GSM 1800Mhz:30±2dbm


            Transmission rate

            LTE-FDD:Max100Mbps(DL) Max50Mbps(UL)

            LTE-TDD:Max61Mbps(DL) Max18Mbps(UL)

            SCDMA-TD:Max4.2Mbps(DL) Max2.2Mbps(UL)

            CDMA:Max 5.4Mbps(DL) Max14.7Mbps(UL)

            GPRS:Max 85.6Kbps(DL) Max85.6Kbps(UL)

            Receiving sensitivity

            FDD B1:-97dBm(20M) FDD B3:-96dBm

            TDD B38:-94dBm(20M)TDD B39:-94dBm

            TDD B40:-94dBm(20M)TDD B41:-93.5dBm

            TDSCDMA B34:-110dbm TDSCDMA B39:-110dbm

            CDMA BC0:-108dbm    GSM 900:-110dBm

            GSM 1800:-109dBm


            Radio frequency

            2400-2485M 2.4G ISM Free frequency band

            Transmit power



            Wireless rate

            Fixed 250K

            Receiving sensitivity



            Standard and frequency band

            Support IEEE802.11b/g/n standard

            Transmit power



            Theoretical bandwidth

            UP TO 300Mbps


            Antenna interface

            4G/Zigbee/WiFi antenna interface: SMA-K female

            AD/IO port

            4-channel AD/IO acquisition (select different functions according to user requirements, optional 0-5V, 4-20MA, switch acquisition, high and low level acquisition, high and low level output)


            Support RESET button (restore factory settings)

            COM port

            1 way RS485/1 way RS232

            Ethernet interface

            1/4 X WAN 10/100Mbps Adaptive Ethernet Port

            USB port

            1 way USB port

            Power supply range

            9-24V DC



            Average operating current

            About 320mA@12VDC




            Length × width × height (mm) 147 × 58.5 × 147